About Us

Collectif Parlee Cycles

The Collectif Parlee reflects the concerns of a group of cyclists who have made their practice a way of life through which they express their interests for aesthetics as well as an idea of ​​the effort where victory is an objective, with the obligation to achieve this by having displayed panache.

It is the "rolling" and the "how to roll" that nest together, and form the philosophy of the bike where beauty is everywhere. In the equipment and in the gesture.


Patio Surf: take a time to stop, enjoy life, remake the world.

No one had a better way to picture taking a pause and enjoy life as my friend Bill did, he used to invite us to surf the patio. One way to propose to get light-minded on the terrace by rethinking the world. Time has transformed the patio, sometimes bonfire, sometimes kitchen island. Surfing has also changed, no longer fueled by the need to get dizzy, but we continue to talk ad nauseam of what turns us on during a time that is not governed by obligations.